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Wall Shelves Gracing The Walls Of Contemporary Homes - WoodenTwist

Wall Shelves Gracing The Walls Of Contemporary Homes

Almost everyone struggles with a lack of storage options in a house. Homeowners look for creative options which help them organize and decorate their homes. After all, a beautiful home with the right furniture and decor makes living appear much more convenient and joyful. Organizing and decluttering a space allows us to be more productive. A tidy environment in the interiors also contributes to good health and positivity. Today, some house owners choose bulky furniture to store their useful items.

The problem lies with the large space that huge cabinets occupy when we are moving towards living in small apartments. These kinds of storage options also prove to be way too expensive. This is the reason contributing to the popularity of wooden wall shelves in modern homes. In the modern era, people are choosing a wall shelf as the best storage unit which displays their sense of style as well. Gracing the walls of homes across the globe, these shelves are loved by minimalist style enthusiasts. Interior designers also choose and recommend them the most.

A Sneak Peek Into The History Of Wall Shelves

Before the medieval times, The Era of the most functional and stylish storage units began in the Christian churches when the design showcased a very little cupboard attached to the walls at the back known as an aumbry used to store the religious books and scriptures. After the invention of the printed press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440, more and more books were printed and the need to store them grew, contributing to the wide use of bookshelves in libraries and homes.

Earlier, the structure of bookshelves was built in and used to take up the floor space. With the pace of time, it evolved into open and free-standing shelves that benefited people to a great extent. It was easy to move around the storage unit from one place to another.

Even before the cabinets came into trend, the kitchens were adorned by handcrafted open shelves in minimalist design. These wall shelves were the most convenient option for storing plates, cups, spice boxes, glasses and various useful items. The minimalist units made cooking and baking way more efficient and easy. Today, we have different kinds of designs and styles available in the modern era of wall accessories.

Floating Wall Shelves - The Most Popular Design

They say history repeats itself and as we may look around in many houses, we find that after long use of cabinets, people are again shifting to the minimalist style of open shelves. A minimalist furniture design makes a home look more open and aesthetic. The popularity of floating design is due to the same, that it is space-saving and showcases a gorgeous look. A floating shelf is also known as a display shelf as it is highly attractive and one may display artifacts on the same. This graces housewarming parties and other special occasions as the most beautiful and aesthetic decor can be created on the wall.

As the name suggests, wooden floating wall shelves appear as if they are floating in the air. One thing which sets the design apart from the rest is the fact that it is attached to the wall with the help of invisible brackets. This unit is lightweight and even the least of DIY enthusiasts can install it easily. These are extremely easy to assemble and come in a variety of S, U, V, and L shapes. The ladder and zigzag patterns reflect the irresistible style in the most gorgeous colours.

Some design lovers even paint the shelf in bold colours all by themselves to redefine and recreate a space in their house.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall reflects the personal taste and style of a homeowner and these days, art lovers splash their creativity on the walls by choosing to install a floating shelf on the walls of the living room. Those who prefer keeping the design to a minimum do not have to go from the floor to the ceiling to create a gallery wall as they can attach a small set of two floating shelves to create a top-notch decor. The white colour shelf blends easily with the wall colours and beautifies contemporary homes. Storing books, and useful accessories and displaying showpieces is a great way to use them.
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