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Get Free Decor Item Worth Rs 499 on prepaid orders above Rs 3500 🎁
Top 5 Ways Homeowners Implement to Style Rocking Chairs - WoodenTwist

Top 5 Ways Homeowners Implement to Style Rocking Chairs

Have you seen your Grandpa using the same chair for years? He must have told you stories of his childhood and how the seat has been passed on to him from his Grandfather and father.

Well, this piece of heirloom in your family can be the best piece of furniture. The person sitting on it can rock back and forth with the support of wooden legs attached to the curved bands of wood. It has been gracing the interiors for centuries and remains in trend.

Rocking Chairs

The perfect blend of comfort and style features a myriad of designs and styles. The traditional wooden rockers that give a vintage look to the room remain a classic. Gliders and swivel rocking chairs have advanced mechanisms and these are trending in modern interiors.

It can be the best seating for enhancing the look of your home while providing the utmost comfort. There are many ways in which homeowners prefer styling the same in different spaces.

The Living Room

Our living room is the place where we entertain our special guests and even host parties. Sometimes, we gather around to watch a movie with a family. Your family members may all sit on the sofa and in that case, we need extra seating. Sometimes, one may want to spend some me-time curling up in a comfy chair.
Wooden Rocking Chairs

Well, a wooden rocking chairs design is the best to enhance this kind of setup. Place the seating near the window from where the light gets in. It would allow you to sit back, rock, and carry out tasks or hobbies. One can read, sew or knit while rocking on a comfortable chair for long hours without complaining about back pain or neck strain.


Many Homeowners associate this chair with the fond memories they have of friends, all of them sitting near the fireplace and warming hands by the fire in winter. That's also one of the popular ways to style a rocker by placing it near the firepit. A wooden rocker can bring a natural and warm touch to the home and add more character to the place where everyone gathers. Our grandmothers often sit on the rocker and carry on knitting clothes while warming hands near the fire.

Rocking chairs Design


If you are a book lover or literature enthusiast, you must have given it thought to have a personal library or reading nook. Interior designers often create a spot in one corner of the bedroom if the apartment is small. Attach some floating shelves for placing books accompanied by the wooden rocking chairs design with a table or pouf. In this way, the look can be given a perfect finish.

Researchers have found that sitting on a rocker can help patients with arthritis, it improves the blood flow and relaxes the muscles. One can enjoy reading a book for long hours in this abode. The gentle swaying motion releases stress and is therapeutic to the mind, soul, and body. It works best in the kids' study room as well.

Office Set Up

When working for long hours in an office set up at home, one can experience tiredness and boredom. It can be difficult at times to stand up and get something from another desk. Well, a swivel rocking chair can move around 360 degrees and it allows employees to perform various tasks without standing up from their seats. The backrest is also comforting and one can relax whenever one takes a break.


Our porches have always been the most peaceful and well-designed for spending some time enjoying the weather outside. If you don't want to step out of the house and still want to enjoy the weather then get your favorite rocker and place it on the porch. A design made of wood can give a vintage look but it's hardly weather resistant sometimes whereas iron can be exposed to rusting. In this scenario, wicker is the best option for outdoor seating.
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