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New Ways To Maximizing Space In Your Living Room - WoodenTwist

New Ways To Maximizing Space In Your Living Room

Who said you can’t be playful and vibrant when it comes to Home Decor? In the Modern era of fancy home decor and versatile furniture, we have wall racks to spruce up the bare walls. These storage accessories are the nicest option available for leading an organized and disciplined life. One can create storage space in tight and small spaces as well and this is the reason for the popularity of this furniture unit in urban homes and apartments.

There are a myriad of designs, styles, colours and sizes available in the wide range of floating wall shelves such as Built-In, Top-hung, Floating and Corner shelf units. Different types of racks fulfill the requirement of various types of spaces and interior designs. These are made in different kinds of materials such as Wood, metal, glass etc. House owners prefer decorating and keeping a neat & organized environment at home by styling this piece in many ways.

Those who love greens and like to spread liveliness everywhere can plant trees or keep mini plants like cacti on the top of the wooden racks. Most often when people don’t have a garden or enough space on the balcony attach these horizontal shelves near the window where the sunlight enters from or install these in the hallways, and entryways to place plants on top of them.

This way of styling with wooden wall shelves maximizes the space for placing plants in a row and enhances the beauty of a home. Also, the earthy tones and dark brown rustic touch of wood bring the ultimate sight of raw beauty and elegance to a space. Wooden racks are also sturdy enough to hold heavy plants and vases.
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