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Get Free Decor Item Worth Rs 499 on prepaid orders above Rs 3500 🎁

Rocking Chairs

The working of the rocking chair is very easy. The purpose of using a rocking chair is to be able to relax completely.

Technically, the function can be described as. The rocking chair is set in a swinging motion by gradually shifting your weight. The runners under the chair help here.

With the intensity of the back and forth motion, you determine to what extent you want to swing. Light rocking movements are recommended for optimal relaxation.

Finding the right rhythm while rocking varies in difficulty depending on the type of rocking chair.

A smooth oscillating motion requires a varying number of efforts before it occurs. It is almost impossible to lean backwards or forwards with a rocking chair when used properly. However, if the vibration is too strong, one or another chair may overturn.

What are the benefits of using a rocking chair in your daily life?

Now we would like to elaborate on the benefits and disadvantages of rocking chairs so that you know why you should choose a rocking chair from the wooden twist collection.

Benefits of Rocking Chair:


You can rest assured that the rocking chair will create a great image in your living room. If you choose a rocking chair with a vintage design, it will also look really attractive.


Thanks to the rocking function, you can relax in a luxurious way and let your soul sway. Its comfort makes it ideal for breastfeeding your baby.

Ease of cleaning

Rocking chair covers are usually removable and can therefore be cleaned very easily. Here you only need a damp cloth with which you can rub the rocking chair.

Why do you need a rocking chair?

After a long and stressful day, the shaking movement of the chair will help you relax.

Resting only half an hour a day reduces stress to a great extent. For whom is the rocking chair suitable and for whom not?

The rocking chair is basically suitable for everyone. The variety of designs available on our online furniture store can be combined with any kind of furniture style. Thus, the rocking chair fits into every living room.

The rocking chair is especially useful for breastfeeding mothers. The rocking movement during breastfeeding calms both the baby and the mother. In addition, the chair relaxes the mother's arms and the baby's head. Rocking also helps the baby fall asleep quickly. There are dozens of rocking chairs for nature lovers too. These models can be used in the garden without any problems as they are sturdy and safe in winter.

Can a rocking chair be used in medicine?

Rocking chairs have proven to be helpful tools for health problems. It supports mental and psychological health. The gentle rocking movement of the chair gives you a sense of comfort and balance after a stressful day. Another effect of this is that your muscles and nerves are stimulated.

According to a study conducted on the treatment of dementia patients, daily swinging significantly reduces symptoms or even slows them down. The armchair also helps patients relax and calm down.

Some scientists were also able to determine that the dose of the drug could be reduced in some patients. The more patients swing from day to day, the less medication they have to give.

In addition, it has been proven many times that swinging for half an hour a day improves the health of people suffering from depression and anxiety. Hence, the Wooden Twist team believes in spreading a healthy lifestyle to each of their customers.

How to care for a rocking chair?

Caring for a rocking chair is quite easy. They also do not require regular maintenance. Just keep it dust-free by dusting it regularly and be sure to wipe it down with cleaning liquid from time to time. Make sure that the cleaning liquid coincides with the material of the rocking chair to get the best results in this case.

Why should you buy a wooden rocking chair online in India from Wooden Twist?

On-time delivery

We understand how important it is to receive your orders on time. That's why we offer extremely fast deliveries all over the country. Regardless of where you are in India, your orders will be delivered on time at Wooden Twist.

Great selection

We have an amazing selection of online rocking chairs in India. Whatever your preference, you will definitely find it on our website. We offer rocking chairs made of different materials, styles and designs for your convenience.

Offers and discounts

The wooden rocking chair price on our website is very affordable. In addition, we offer great discounts and offers throughout the year for our customers, which are so good that it is hard to miss them.

24X7 Customer Service

Our 24x7 customer service helps to solve all the problems, complaints, and queries of our customers. No matter what your problem is, we are there 24x7 to solve it for you.

On Wooden Twist, you can find some of the most luxurious rocking chairs online in India. They are made of the most high-quality materials and are known for their robustness and design. So, whenever you need a rocking chair for your home, wooden twists are the most suitable place for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we order a customized rocking chair for my home?

A: Yes, we offer custom order service so that you can choose what suit best for your space.

Q: Are rocking chairs perfect for both indoor and outdoor use?

A: Usually, most rocking chairs are designed and fabricated for indoor use, however, outdoor rocking chairs are available. It is made up of weather-resistant materials.

Q: Are there any safety parameters to follow while using modern rocking chairs?

A: A few formal safety parameters comprise placing the table surface on an even surface, making sure it is well-balanced, and strictly following weight limits.

Q: What is the ideal weight limit for rocking chairs?

A: A standard rocking chair can hold up to 250 pounds (113 kg) of weight.

Q: Are rocking chairs suitable for all ages of people?

A: Yes, rocking chairs can be used by people of all age groups.

Q: Can I return the chair if it does not meet myexpectations?

A: The decision to accept the return of any product is subject to return policies. Hence, it is important to review the return policy before purchasing to know the options available.


Wooden Twist Solid Wood Rocking Chair With Soft Cushion Designs

Rs. 13,499.00

Rocking Chair with Foot Rest ( Walnut )

Rs. 14,999.00

Recliner Wooden Rocking Chair with Footrest

Rs. 14,999.00

Wooden Glider Rocking Chair (Beige)

Rs. 21,999.00

Inglesa Recliner Rocking Chair With Pillow

Rs. 16,999.00

Creme Premium Rocking Chair with Foot Rest & Pillow

Rs. 18,999.00

Wooden Rocking Chair Colonial and Traditional Super Comfortable Cushion (Honey Finish)

Rs. 17,999.00

Wooden Twist Boucle Fabric Comfortable Cushion Nursery Rocking Chair with Ottoman

Rs. 28,999.00

Wooden Velvet Accent Rocking Chair (Green)

Rs. 21,999.00


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Original price Rs. 51,999.00
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Original price Rs. 51,999.00
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Current price Rs. 42,999.00

Wooden Twist Lavish Luxurious Hand Carved Button Tufted Teak Wood Rocking Chair with Footrest for Elegant Living Room

Wooden Twist
10+ in stock

Elevate your home decor with our Wooden Twist Pricey Lavish Hand Carved Button Tufted Teak Wood Rocking Chair. Crafted from high-quality teak wood,...

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Original price Rs. 51,999.00
Original price Rs. 51,999.00 - Original price Rs. 51,999.00
Original price Rs. 51,999.00
Current price Rs. 42,999.00
Rs. 42,999.00 - Rs. 42,999.00
Current price Rs. 42,999.00
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Wooden Rocking Chairs - Choose Rocking Chairs Design Online for a Comfortable Life

The rocking chair is known to relax and be comfortable but most people are aware of its functionality. Some people look at these rocking chairs online because they want to spend relaxing time sitting on this chair reading books, magazines or simply drinking a cup of tea, coffee, or green tea.

Our rocking chairs are made with the best and cheapest material while maintaining a high standard of aesthetics. Our rates are competitive, allowing you to buy high-quality modern rocking chairs without any hassle or too much money. You should consider buying these rocking chairs online as they improve your standard of living by increasing your physical posture and offering some health benefits. Let's understand more about these modern rocking chairs Design.

What are the things to keep in mind when buying a wooden rocking chair?

When you search for a rocking chair online, you may find many options including a toddler's rocking chair, wooden rocking chair, etc. However, you shouldn't just consider appearance and feel. There are many factors that you should consider for a seamless experience in online shopping.

Superb Style and Material

If you are thinking of buying a chair is extra comfort at home, then choosing a chair with the right material and style is essential. Although you will find a no of rocking chairs online, the best option may be to choose a wooden chair, especially a chair made of engineering wood or teak. This type of material ensures durability and robustness.

See Price

It is most important to check the price and quality before ordering any furniture online. However, the best deal is one in which you manage to choose something high-quality and low-cost on the pocket. In the Wooden Twist India, you will find the best rocking chairs design at a discounted price.

Color and Design

There are multiple options when it comes to choosing the best color and design, but you should choose the one that perfectly matches your living room or the section where you need to place it. Checking the right color and design is no easy task, so you always need help that you can get from the wooden marketplace. Our customer support is always ready to help you choose the right color and design for the furniture.


Many people are looking for folding comfort chairs because they want to get health benefits from them. A rocking chair can improve your blood circulation and is known to increase your muscle tone.

Different types and styles of rocking chairs in the wooden market

We have a variety of rocking chair designs that you would want to explore in your living room. And the comfort we will get from it will give you great satisfaction. There are different types of rocking chairs available at Wooden Twist:

Bentwood rocking chairs

The specialty of Bentwood types of chairs is armrests and backrests that serve as a mechanism for the front and rear. It is a more usable chair especially for older people as well as adults.

Recliner rocking chairs

This name itself explains the specialty of these rocking chairs. These are rockers with functionalities that allow you to comfortably tilt the back. If you are choosing a recliner rocking chair for your office or home then this can be the best choice!

Rocking chairs with footrests

Nothing can be more comfortable than reading a newspaper sitting on a rocking chair with a footrest. You will fall in love with the excellent varieties available at our store.

Rocking armrest chair

We have specially designed rocking armchairs to enhance your comfort with rocking mechanism and armrests. You can choose the combination of our rocking armchairs that suits your space.

Upholstered rocking chair

Cushioned rocking chairs make them extra comfortable. A wide collection is made available to you only in the wooden market.

Find different materials for rocking chairs online at Wooden Twist

Teak wood rocking chair

Our teak wood rocking chairs include modern and traditional rocking chairs. Teak wood is known for its moisture resistance.

Sheesham wood rocking chair

If you want a chair with the best wood material, look for a chair made of rosewood wood. It offers very good resistance to termites and is also a highly durable option.

Iron Wood Rocking Chair

If you are looking for a traditional-looking chair with a modern touch, our ironwood rocking chair may be the most relevant choice. Buy it for its durability and power to hold well in the sun.

Check out our best-selling rocking chairs

We have many varieties of rocking chairs that will enhance the beauty of your home. Our best-selling collections @ Wooden Twist include:

Antique Graceful Hand Carved Rocking Chair with Foot Rest (Teak Wood)

Our Antique Graceful Hand Carved Rocking Chair with Foot Rest (Teak Wood) is a blend of traditional and modern looks. Made from teak wood, it makes a premium chair in today's time. This chair with an aesthetic look will enhance the décor of your home and relax your feet.

Wooden Glider Rocking Chair (Beige)

Our Wooden Glider Rocking Chair (Beige) is designed to give you comfort and ensure maximum comfort. This excellent wood and iron duo chair is perfectly suited to support your back, and you'll enjoy thick padding that's skin-friendly – the perfect friend for you.

Risco Rocking Chair With Button Tufted Back (Blue)

The beautiful Risco Rocking Chair With Button Tufted Back (Blue) is designed from breathable fabric, suitable for the comfort of the elderly. The entertaining rocker is very soft for you to enjoy and get the desired comfort.

What are the benefits of having rocking chairs?

Rocking chairs are not just furniture that makes your home beautiful but also improves your health. It relaxes mood, promotes weight loss, reduces back pain, and provides emotional comfort and arthritis relief. So bring home a rocking chair today to enjoy all the health benefits!

What are the benefits of buying a rocking chair online from Wooden Twist in India?

When it comes to furniture, many people settle for a lower price than they wish to because of the cost. We at the wooden market are well aware of this. Apart from this, there are many other benefits that you will get after buying from us:

Premium-quality: Wooden Twist offers high-quality home furniture at affordable prices, which allows you to decorate your home with the best furniture available. All rocking chairs in our online furniture store are made from durable materials to ensure that it stay with you for a long time.

Best models: Browse our extensive collection of rocking chairs which includes wooden rocking chairs, metal rocking chairs, and teak rocking chairs.

Effective price: The prices we charge without compromising the quality of the online rocking chair are more affordable than any price in the market.

Additional Offers: We provide additional offers, which are really for customers. This includes free installation services for the product at home, an easy return policy, low-cost EMIs, as we understand your need for the sofa, and 24/7 customer service support for any queries.

Buy Rocking Chairs Online at Affordable Prices in India

You'll be amazed to see how rocking chair prices vary from store to store; It becomes a difficult decision to decide which chair might be the perfect fit for your home. Nevertheless, if you are not able to make any quick decisions yourself, just visit the wooden market and your search for the best rocking chair will come to an end. You will easily find the best features and quality chairs at an affordable price.