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Read On To Know About The Various Designs Of Rockers - WoodenTwist

Read On To Know About The Various Designs Of Rockers

  • Traditional - A traditional rocker is mounted on two curved pieces of wood allowing the chair to move back and forth in a rocking motion. It is structured in wood making it durable, sturdy and aesthetic. The only drawback of this type of rocker is that it is rigid and occupies a lot of floor space. But, the gentle swaying motion is always highly functional and the chair is affordable.
  • Gliders - A glider rocking chair is mounted on a flat plane with the support of levels and hinges. It occupies less floor space but is slightly more expensive than the traditional one due to its mechanical design. The back and forth movement is slightly less than the one the traditional rocker supports. The Rocking chairs design is highly popular and comfortable for users.
  • Spring Rockers - A combination of both the traditional and glider rocking chair is a spring rocker. It moves back and forth like the traditional one but is mounted with the support of springs
  • Swivel - The chair that moves on more than one plane or surface is a swivel rocker. It can move a complete 360 degrees and helps perform more than one task at a time. The design is quite mechanical and that is why it is expensive. The swivel wooden rocking chairs online is durable and mostly placed in offices.
Recliners - A recliner is a modern design that helps in reclining your back and is the best option for those who like lounge chairs. It relieves back pain and allows the body to rest in the utmost comfort.
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