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Create Additional Storage Space In Your Room With Wooden Floating Wall Shelves - WoodenTwist

Create Additional Storage Space In Your Room With Wooden Floating Wall Shelves

The sharp objects and items in the house are always kept away from the sight of children as they might harm themselves by touching them. We have ornaments that we want to display but don’t do that due to the same reason. Wall shelves, on the other hand, once installed at a height where the children can’t reach, can help us place these ornaments on top of them.

There are a lot of beauty & body care products like face wash, lotions, shampoos, face masks etc. always lying here and there on the bathroom floor. We need to stack these items in one place to keep the bathroom organized and tidy.

Wooden Wall Shelves in a set of two can make the entire space look aesthetic and organized. You may also place a designer bowl or basket and then keep things like scrunchies, cotton bolls and hairpins inside.

A kitchen is a space in the house where no cabinets or drawers are enough as we keep buying expensive cutlery sets and drinkware. That is why nowadays interior designers prefer installing wooden racks to keep things handy and at arm’s length. This makes the cooking process easy when we have our ingredients placed on the racks.

Wooden floating Wall shelves also suit a rustic theme of decor and match the rest of the furniture in the house. The dark brown wood makes a statement in the kitchen where you can also place cookbooks or vases. Some designers create a kitchen bar with these stylish and modern shelves.

If you are looking to buy Floating shelves online then do not forget to check out the exclusive collection at Wooden Twist. There are many designs, colours and shapes available in the wide range of Wooden wall shelves made in high-quality wood.

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