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Buy Styling Wooden Wall Shelves In Many Ways – Wooden Twist - WoodenTwist

Buy Styling Wooden Wall Shelves In Many Ways – Wooden Twist

These are sturdy enough to hold the weight of items and match the colours and tones of the existing furniture. One can store novels and have their unique library set up without taking over the floor space.

The dressing room is a required space in a house but if you are falling short of it then a wood rack can help. All you have to do is attach it as a set of two or three beside the mirror and organize all the cosmetics and hair brushes etc. These are available in many hand-carved royal designs and make a style statement in the room for sure. No need for drawers and bulky cabinets in the modern era.

A kitchen is an ultimate place in the whole house where the need for storage options never ends. One has to keep organizing from time to time as there are things like crockery and cutlery items. We need proper space for bowls, glasses, spice jars, coffee mugs etc. that we need handy while cooking and that’s when wooden wall shelves can be attached at the corner where your hand reaches quickly. Nowadays, this styling is very common in modern kitchens.

The front wall of the living room always catches the attention whether it is a bare one or decorated one. The boring space can make you annoyed at times when parties and gatherings are arranged on special occasions. That is why a lot of home decor enthusiasts and interior designers now prefer stylish wall racks to personalize their living rooms.

You may showcase art pieces, modern art, photo frames, travel souvenirs and the rest of the decorative items on the top of wooden floating wall shelves. These shelves are aesthetic and create a rustic as well as vintage look. Art designed and items chosen by you can help personalize the decor and add character to the bare corners.

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