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Floating Wall Shelves

Nowadays, Wall Shelves is a trend everywhere. Not only do these enhance the interior decor by adding beauty and aesthetics to the bare walls but also provide storage for items like books, souvenirs, decorative pieces, and many more. You cannot just pack and force all your stuff in the closet or toss it around on the bed, sofa, or beneath the table and chairs.

Wall Shelves help you organize and declutter your homes right from the bedroom and kitchen to the living room. Customizing your home decor with beautiful Wall Shelves designs is a great idea. There is a seemingly endless range of Floating Wall Shelves online including floating Shelves, Corner Shelves, Built-in Shelves, Top-hung Shelves, and many more. Well, let us tell you that among all these Shelves, floating shelves designs have a popularity that is unparalleled and unmatched. If you look around in your neighborhood you will find floating shelves attached to the walls of the living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces.

Now, let us discuss what makes these shelves aesthetic and unique for the interiors.

Flawless Floating Design - These appear like a floating body on the corners of interiors and speak to your impeccable taste and style.

Durability and strength - At first glance, these shelves may seem sleek and delicate but they make a great storage unit for holding items like books, showpieces, figurines, planters, souvenirs, paintings and a lot more.

Occupying less space - Not occupying wide spaces on the walls the wooden floating shelves help the interiors look stunning, neat and organized.

We will tell you about what kind of Floating Wall Shelves for your living rooms you should buy online.

Wooden Floating Shelves -

These Designer Wall Shelves are intricate in Solid Wood Material. These Royal shelves come in a range of stunning designs that will add to your class and style. Wooden Floating Shelves for the bedroom can add lots of space to your living room while offering you to store multiple items like photographs, your favourite Shakespearean tragedies/classics, travel souvenirs and what you will want on these Wall-mounted shelves.

MDF Floating Shelves -

These wall Shelves come in colorful square, rectangular and cubical designs made in MDF Wood Material. The floating Shelves for bedrooms and living rooms keep your exotic and expensive decorative pieces out of harm's way. Once the racks are mounted on the walls you can place your books, vases and such to beautify the look of the Walls. These floating Shelves designs will add an aesthetic look to the bare walls and can be fixed to the walls with the help of screws.

Now, you must be wondering where to Shop for Floating Shelves designs online

If you are looking to buy cost-effective, great quality material and beautifully designed Floating Shelves online then click on Woodentwist.com and explore our collection of wooden wall shelves that is ideal for any space in the house to buy Wooden Floating Wall Shelves online in India. Wooden Twist provides a wide range of Wall Shelves such as Zig Zag Wall Shelf, Intersecting Shelves, Hexagonal Floating Shelves, U Shape Wall Shelf, W Shape bookshelf, and many more unique, modern shelves and Floating Shelves online in India.

Wooden Floating Shelves are available in different materials such as solid wood Wall shelves, MDF floating shelves, and Wooden & Iron Wall Shelf at Wooden Twist:

Wooden & Iron Hermosa Floating Wall Shelves

The Set of 3 Wooden Floating Shelves features the most gorgeous design suitable for beautiful home decor, office and dorm. This is an amazing furniture piece for interiors made by an expert panel of designers. Once the racks are mounted on the walls, items like books, flower vases, beautiful figurines or showpieces can be kept on the floating Wall shelves to beautify the looks of the walls. These shelves are rustproof, made of handcrafted solid wood, and can be easily fixed to the walls with the help of screws
Hexagonal shape Wooden Floating Wall Shelves

The Hexagonal Shape Wall Shelves always reflect style and elegance. It offers a surprisingly large amount of storage for placing books, vases, and other decorative items. This very well complements the atmosphere of living rooms for a fun and casual approach. This floating shelves unit made in the mid-century modern style with clean lines and an intersecting geometric shape transforms the whole living space by just being there.

Bell Floating Wall Shelf

This wooden floating Wall shelf design plays around with gorgeous bells hanging downward. This decorative yet functional piece gives a Royal look to the interiors. The bell wall shelf can be used as a practical shelf or to display collectibles, photos, artistic mugs, small handicrafts etc.

And yet the list of our gorgeous collection does not end here, you can scroll through the website and find yourself the designs that suit your home decor best. One has to consider the colour coordination of shelves with the walls, the appropriate size of wall shelves for the bedroom, positioning and other factors while choosing the right shelf for interiors. So, take a sip of your warm coffee and go through our collection of floating shelves online.

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