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End Tables

When you set out to buy a wooden side table or end table for your interiors, the appealing aesthetics and amusing designs catch your attention for sure. We at Wooden Twist have our skilled artisans and designers creating the best designs for you. Explore the stunning collection of end table designs at Wooden Twist and bring home the one that suits your preferences and tastes. We will surely never disappoint our customers and serve them with the best comfort and style.

Would you prefer a Wooden end table or a side table for living room?

Well, there is a slight difference between a side & end table and we assure you that we will provide you with even the smallest of detail. A side table has a large surface area as compared to the other and is placed at the side or beside a chair or sofa whereas the end table is placed near a chair and against the wall in the end corner of a space. It has a smaller surface area. The choice depends on you if you want end furniture to beautify the compact spaces or side furniture to complement the overall space and place items on the top.

The Variety Of Exciting Shapes In The End Tables & Side Tables Online

Round Shape - The round-shaped tables look stylish and are placed mostly in between the furniture to give a smooth finish to the decor and you can use them as a coffee table or center table too. Put a tray of snacks on the tabletop or just place some gorgeous accessories like a small vase for instance. The round shape is suitable for those who don’t want their children or pets to get hurt by the sharp edges. It will also complement another round-shaped piece of furniture by the side.

Square Shape - The square shapes are the most common in an end table and come in a variety of styles featuring the mid-century, classic, contemporary, rustic & industrial look. You should choose the one according to your tastes and it can be easily placed. The material includes metal, wood, marble etc.

Rectangular Design - The rectangular ones are a great option for those who require space in the form of a tabletop to place several items in the house or maybe a bottle of wine with a glass. The rectangular design looks gorgeous and can be also designed to fit smaller spaces or nooks. The surface can be such that it serves both the requirements.

Play With Triangles - The triangular shape is one of the most unique designs and it looks aesthetic. You can place this at the end of a couch or L-shaped sofa. It opens the door to design or recreate a corner. A good spot for placing a book or snacks while watching a movie with your family or friends. If you have guests at home sitting on the couch or sofas then you may even take a seat on this one. Don’t worry, Wood is always durable and sturdier.

Half-moon Table - The tabletop comprises a half circle and the modern era has those supported by a metal frame mirroring the same design. The half-moon table looks gorgeous and fits perfectly against the wall. Try this one for a modern-themed decor.

Browse through the Gorgeous End Table Design & Side Table Design at Wooden Twist

Corner tables are a convenient option to place your items on top. This can be a decorative accessory or a useful table as and how you want to use it. You can buy the most gorgeous designs from Wooden Twist to beautify your interiors. You can also go for a side table with storage to store your remotes, books, chargers, hairpins, etc. The side table with storage comes with drawers and open racks to store household items. Explore the budget-friendly and exclusively designed range of this furniture online at Wooden Twist:

Wooden Hand Carved Side Table

The Wooden end table works beautifully next to a bed in the bedroom or next to a bed in bedroom or next to a sofa in the living room. The side table for the living room is an ideal height for a lamp or other items you need to keep within easy reach. A small drawer can be accessed with the knob while an additional compact shelving space offers a home for small knick-knacks around the area. It is individually handcrafted by skilled master craftsmen.

Eccentric Stool Cum End Table with Storage

Introducing an all-new & unique stool cum end table with storage. Handcrafted in premium wood with fine jute fabric. It is multipurpose. You can keep your essentials safe in the storage and you can turn this into a snacks table by flipping the seat lid of the stool. It will also add glamour to your space. Place the end table design beside your bed or somewhere in your living room, it is bound to be noticed by all.

3 Leg End Table for Living Room

The wooden handmade
end table for the living room is comfortable and durable. Made with MDF with marble design, crafted by our craftsmen. This statement piece of furniture helps accentuate the style of your table or other living room furniture. Usually placed at the end of the sofa, it is a very important component of the overall look of your living room.



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